As UCAK KARDESLER, “proving high performance and having honest, moral and ethical values” have become one of our main principles in our work, just like they are in every point of our lives.

Based on this principle, we made each one of 3000+ employees our solution partners at the same time. We held trainings within and outside of the company in order to have our solution partners help us to develop and grow, enhance the product quality and form the hygienic conditions directly, thus we enabled their technical developments.

On the other hand, we took the necessary precautions by paying attention to every single detail of occupational safety and health. We kept the motivation of our personnel high with our concept of Providing Quality Performance and evaluated their performances without making any exceptions between our employees. We awarded our personnel that show a high performance, we offered them equal conditions and established a relation based on the creativity between them.


Uçak Kardeşler has assimilated the environmental politics as the main culture at each stage .
The main reason behind these painstaking efforts, to give importance the goods which came from the soil and matured in the divine nature which are transferred from generation to generation.

Uçak Kardeşler protects the natural resources and considers as the most significant factor to the environment, human and animal health in order to provide quality environmental politics who engaged also in agricultural production in order to transfer this culture to every generation.

During the production process, The most crucial politics of Uçak Kardesler is ensuring the safety of the food by adopting the traceability in agriculture and sustainability in its approaches.